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Mail Your "Buddies" Fuck You Glitter

Mail Your "Buddies" Fuck You Glitter


Product Description:

Send an anonymous angry letter filled with not just any ordinary glitter! but MIDDLE FINGER GLITTERS!

Tell us what you want written on the letter and it will be done!

No one will know it was from you.

Most importantly, they will be cleaning up our middle finger glitters all the while knowing that they deserve it.

Unsuspecting envelopes will be used on your unsuspecting victims! 

Maximum spillage!

Let Us Know if its for 

1.) Birthday

2.) Greetings

3.) Revenge

We are at your service!

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Oh and,

Don’t worry about adding addresses and notes during check out. You can simply REPLY to your order confirmation email (VERY IMPORTANT)!

Please include;

  • Name of the person you want to send it to
  • Address of the person you want to send it to
  • Customised note to make the person laugh, or cry.

Its that easy!

**If you have been offered a code for a 100% off purchase price at any of our social media promos, your message could be be posted on our instagram page, we will not disclose WHO it is from, only the message.**